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This starter set includes a 90g Casual Package of Kuromoji tea, a canister and scoop, 1ml of Kuromoji oil, and a Coral diffuser. Enjoy the lovely fragrant tea in the first infusion, cook rice or pot-au-feu in the second infusion, and take an antibacterial bath with the tea, used tea grounds, and oil in the third infusion. This set allows you to fully experience the charm of Kuromoji. Each canister is made by hand by skilled craftsmen, airtight and lightproof, so you can store your kuromoji tea in the best condition.

Special Set Price: ¥6210

Regular individual prices:

90g of black tea (regular price: ¥1404)

Canister and scoop (regular price: ¥3300),

1mg of black tea oil (regular price: ¥2200)

Total: ¥6904

Nice Tea Meet You / Cha-jimashite Set (Tea, Oil, Canister, Scoop set)

¥6,900 Regular Price
¥6,210Sale Price
  • Discontinue use if it does not suit your constitution or physical condition.

    If you have any food allergies, please do not take this product.

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