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It is a valuable essential oil that can be extracted from only about 1.5 kg of branches and leaves of 1 kg. You can use it as a bath salt by drying the husks of Kuro-moji tea after drinking, soaking it with 2.3 drops of Kuro-moji essential oil, and packing it in a pack. First, try a small pack that is easy to use.

Kuromoji Essential Oil 1ml

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  • - Do not put directly on the skin.

    - Do not drink or ingest.

    - Beware of fire and keep away from open flames.

    - Pregnant women, infants, and the elderly should consult a doctor before use.

    - If you feel any abnormality during use, please stop using the product.

    - Tighten the cap tightly after use.

    Keep out of direct sunlight, high temperature, high humidity, and out of the reach of children.

    - Use within about 3 months after opening the package.

    - This is a naturally derived fragrance. Fragrance may change depending on the season.

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