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This is the simply the best kettle for brewing kuromoji tea. It comes with a built-in sizeable tea strainer inside so that the tea dances around in the kettle to extract all the essential properties.

With their low profile, just fold down the handle and pop it in the refrigerator to chill.

They can be stacked, so why not just reserve one exclusively for kuromoji tea?

The other can be used for soup stock by adding kuromoji tea and dried bonito flakes. This is a great method we at Kuromoji personally love.

Available for purchase as a set with 90g of kuromoji tea for a limited time.

Kuromoji-ya Kettle Set 5,000 yen Usual individual price: 90g Kuromoji tea (regular price 1404 yen) Official Kuromoji-ya Kettle 1.6L (regular price 4300 yen) Total 5,704 yen

The Official Kuromoji-ya Kettle Set 1.6L

PriceFrom ¥5,500
  • くろもじ茶90g

    容量:1.6L 実用使用量約1.1L
       2.8L 実用使用量約2.5L

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